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Our Productions

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M E E R A - Beyond Devotion

Genre - Dance Theatre

A dance - theatre production, "Meera- Beyond Devotion" is a different take on the life of the great Indian poetess "Meerabai" who was usually looked at as a saint but had so many other facets to her personality. She inspired thousands of women to follow their own paths and feel empowered. This production explores these other aspects of her personality that made made her break free and stand against the regressive norms of the society.



Genre - Musical

A musical that explores the journey of every artist through the life of the legendary Indian singer and musician, Tansen. The play is not only an autobiographical account of Tansen's life, but is also an exploration of various thoughts and questions that arise in the lives of artists. "Tansen" has been staged in many National and International Theatre festivals.

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RAM- Shravan Manan

Genre - Musical

"Ram - Shravan Manan'' is a musical where we explore certain episodes of the Indian Epic - Ramayana and try to understand the character of Lord Ram and his relevance
today. The musical involves old traditional compositions and contemporary interpretations of various episodes from the Ramayana woven together with beautiful traditional music and drama.

Susmit Sen Chronicles

Genre - Rock Music

A live band performance by the band “Susmit Sen Chronicles” founded by Susmit Sen. Susmit Sen, founder of India's premier fusion rock band, Indian Ocean, has an illustrious music career spanning over 30 years. When he founded Indian Ocean in 1990, there was no pan-Indian band writing original music. Over the next few years, Indian Ocean's musical sensibility was led by Sen's compositions and unique guitar playing inspired by Indian classical and folk. What followed was a sensation. Indian Ocean toured more than twenty countries, produced six albums over the next two decades and played a kind of music never heard before: an Indian expression using mostly Western instruments, anchored by Susmit's self-taught guitar.

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Genre - Drama, Musical

A dance-theatre production based on the relationship of Mirza Ghalib and Nawab Jaan, where Nawab Jaan – a courtesan who was deeply in love with Ghalib’s poetry, expresses what he means to her and who was he as a person and a lover besides being a phenomenal poet. The production, through music, dance and drama, explores and expresses the eternal love of Nawab Jaan and Mirza Ghalib.

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