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Can there be storytelling without a story? Just like a piece of poetry or a Ghazal can convey the essence of a long story in few lines, "Jaan-e-Ghazal" is a musical that is built around the essence of Ghazals where the progression of the play is not through a story but through the essence of the Ghazals. "Ghazal" is a form of writing that has stood the test of time. What has this journey of "Ghazal" been like? The Trialogue Company`s "Jaan-e-Ghazal" written by Syed Mohammad Mehdi, is a musical based on the journey and evolution of "Ghazal", where the relationship of Shayar (poet) with his Ghazal (a form of writing) is depicted through the personification of these characters. The play explores the journey of "Ghazals" from Amir Khusrau to Faiz Ahmad Faiz and how the writing of Ghazal changed and evolved with the changes in the socio-political environment.

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