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K. Madavane (Senior Director and Writer)

"WHO SAY THAT THE THEATRE IS DYING IN INDIA? So refreshing to see these youngsters doing such a wonderful work. I bow to their fine artistique discipline. It is a group, with some help and luck, will go long way. All the best.”

Arijeet Mukherjee (Artist Association of India)

“Always ready to watch such outstanding Theatre."

Ashutosh Shelat (Senior Actor/Director and founder of Rang Laatu)

“You guys have pegged a benchmark!!! Your content, performance and audience-carry-home is a dot that most of Mandi House settled biggies must find challenging by enough."

Sneh, Arun Sanghi

“It is outstanding and we would place it as the best we have seen in the last 40 years of our going to theatres. All the artists deserve special congratulations. We would say this play of yours has raised the standard of theatre in India to a very high level which has set a benchmark for others to follow."

Arun Kumar Kalra

“When good actors are trained and awesome singers too and when the play itself is about a maestro called Tansen, who spent his whole life learning and mastering his passion of singing, you rest assured you have a very satisfying, meaningful and entertaining evening. This play deserves all the accolades and many more shows in India and abroad.”

N.K. Sharma

"I was awe-struck! I have no words to express my appreciation or to compliment you enough for the unparalleled heights to which you have taken the drama, direction, story-telling, classical music and above all, entertainment wrapped in spirituality and intellectualism. So many brilliant strands and weaves blended in perfect craftsmanship and delivered as a complete package to a mature audience fully enthralled and, I should say, enraptured. Hats off to the entire team.”

Ines Smiljanic (Croatia)

"Their work is outstanding! This company has redefined theatre, music and dance with their stunning performances."

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