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Mohd Faheem is an inborn artist with immense knowledge of theatre and heartwarming poetry. He is an acclaimed actor/director of innumerable plays in Hindi as well as other regional languages and also holds an M.A. in Theatre Studies from Shiv Nadar University and a graduation degree in Arts. A promising singer since college days, he has won many awards.

Faheem is carrying on the tradition of composing Urdu poems from his past ancestors and has already given immortal poetry to the Sanidhya band for which this Sufi maestro is considered the backbone of the band for his lyrics and adding a dynamic flavour to the songs with his gifted high soprano voice.

As an actor he has worked in many plays including Kabira khada bazaar mein, Waiting For Godot, Karmev Dharmah, Pascualnama, Mahal Sara, Dilfarosh, Julius Ceaser, Ek aur Durghatna and has conducted many Theatre workshops. Currently, Faheem works as a Theatre Teacher in Shiv Nadar School and conducts theatre workshops for children and adults in Instituto Cervantes, New Delhi.

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