How to book and watch?

1) Click on the red coloured button "Buy now" to buy tickets. If you wish to donate more than rupees 100, then click on the button "Donate" below. (Donors will get full access to all episodes)

2) Select number of tickets for either single episode or all episodes. (We know that many people can watch through one ID, but if you really want to help the artists and the art then please buy more tickets). 

3) Enter your details including your email id through which you have your Facebook account.

4) Select the episode you want to watch. You can also watch all the episodes on a discounted rate.

How to watch?

1) After the booking of ticket/donating, you will be sent an invite to be added to the Facebook group "Subah Zaroor Aayegi". The invite will be sent on the day of the show if you have opted for a single episode and you will remain added throughout the series if you have opted for all episodes.

2) You will receive an invite on your Facebook. After accepting that invite, you will be added to the group and can enjoy the shows.